1, Taiwo Street, Oworonshoki, Lagos Nigeria

Tel: +234-803-791-8307
Email: enquiry@kingseyesng.com
Authorised distributor of Aurolab products in Nigeria:
a.     INTRAOCULAR LENSES: PMMA, Hydrophilic foldable, Hydrophobic foldable, and Specialty IOLs
b.     PHARMACEUTICALS: Eye drops, Antiseptics and Disinfectants, Retinal Products, Cataract     
         Surgical Products, Special Products.
c.     SUTURE NEEDLE: Nylon, Silk, Polyester, Polypropylene, and PGA absorbable suture needles.
d.    SURGICAL BLADES: Nanocut, Aurosharp blades  (Polycarbonate handles available).
e.    EQUIPMENT: Digital Vision Chart, Green Lasers, Bipolar coagulator, Phacoemulsification and
        vitrectomy unit.
f.     OTHER SPECIAL PRODUCTS: Cataract surgical kit, Gonioscopic gel, Spectacle lens cleaner,
        aqueous drainage implant (Glaucoma Shunt), Endophthalmic kit, Ptosis sling, etc.